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SandaMail is a No-Frills Bulk mailer written in C#. The word "Sanda" stands for "Moon" in Sinhalese language.

Download SandaMail 1.0 Beta (2007-02-17) for Windows:

Link Type Size
Executable .exe 44 KB
Source .Zip 448 KB

Download links redirect to download pages on SourceForge.net

The main features of SandaMail

  • Can Send up to 30,000 mails at once
  • Has Strong Spamfilter immunity (A unique queuing algorithm)
  • Supports "Undisclosed Recipients".
  • Supports Folder Attachments ( Max size < 10 MB).
  • Accepts .CSV (Comma Separated Values) Files.
  • Can use any open SMTP server , or a Gmail Acount.
  • Solid & No-frills , Set the parameters & Send.

SandaMail works on Windows 2000/XP with .Net 2.0 Framework..

On SandaMail's Source Forge Page you can find forum, bugs report and feature request systems.

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